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  [ Fee Notice Aug, 2020 ]

Created:8/1/2020 6:50:18 PM

Dear parents,

I take this opportunity to thank  all those parents who have paid their ward's fees. I appreciate them for standing with their own school in times of difficulty that arose due to covid-19 pandemic for all of us, the students, parents and the school.

Facing all hurdles the teachers of your children have been making sincere efforts to continue their studies through online mode, digital and e-learning methods, assignments , test assignment & personal contacts and guidance, etc  which is worthy of appreciation. The only aim has been to save a precious year of your children.

But in spite of our requests, circulars and notices, a majority of parents have not paid the dues, resulting in a financial crisis for school and their staff.  Still, despite all odds, the teachers have regularly imparted education that builds the Nation and your child's future. Four months is not a small period to live on with part salaries and even without salary.

The teachers are now raising their hands from the strenuous task of online, digital education which is surely going to be an integral part of your child's future education even after Corona is over.

Compelled by the circumstance above, you are hereby given a final opportunity to pay your ward's school dues  by 10th August, 2020, failing which the online studies of your ward are very likely to be stopped w.e.f 11th August ,2020. Trailing consequences will not be the responsibility of the school.

The school still stands with you, if you have any genuine difficulty. You are advised to contact the school with written application stating all the facts with evidence by 5th August 2020, which will be given a sympathetic due consideration. Fees will be charged as per Hon'ble High court directions. Earlier payments made by you in this context, if any, will be adjusted accordingly. The school office  will remain open on all working days from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. Fee can also be paid online through school app. Ignore , if already paid.


Dear Parents,                      

As you all know that education is the only medium to ensure children’s all round development and your own Carpe Diem International School , has been regularly providing and is still providing quality education to your wards even in the Covid-19 Pandemic.

Education is a joint venture and for its success requires cooperation and support from you.

We pray to Almighty that our country defeats Corona and comes out with flying colors in our fight with Covid-19 and hope that our school open at the earliest so that we could make harder and sincere efforts to dedicate ourselves towards the progress and development of our children.

Hence you are requested that according to the directions of High Court judgment in CWP 7409-2020(O&M) , to please pay due fees of your ward for April , May , June 2020 at the earliest latest by 10th July , 2020 . The school office remain open from 9am to 1 pm on all working days.

Any payment made earlier by you in this content will be adjusted.



Nishu Sharma